Cataract Surgery Department

Cataracts are an eye condition caused when the lens of the eye develops cloudy patches. Over time these patches usually grow bigger, causing blurry, misty vision.

Include the front of the eye and both eyelid, conjunctiva, cornea, anterior chamber, iris and lens which form the front part of the eye. sometimes problems distort the beauty of the eye and hinder healthy vision and may cause blindness, causing a lot of inconvenience and suffering to the patient (and those around him) also hinder the march of his natural life, and these problems: infections of all kinds and numerous complications, accidents and injuries, and corneal opacity (longer the fourth reason of blindness in the world) and the problems of the lens (cataract disease – cataract – is the first cause of blindness in the world (48% of cases).


Saggaf Eye Center has a large subspecialties, expertise and advanced technologies, to do whatever is needed him, for the treatment of these cases, including surgical interventions, such as white-water and cultivation of the lens and cornea implant and other operations..

What are the symptoms of cataracts?

  • Blurred, dim or misty vision
  • Sensitivity to light: lights look too bright or glaring
  • CF-related liver disease (monthly)
  • Colours look faded or muted
  • Seeing a ‘halo’ around bright lights
  • Everything looks more ‘washed out’

If you have cataracts, things can start to look dim, blurred or distorted, as if you’re looking through dirty glass. Your vision may seem cloudy, and it can also be hard to make out details or colours.

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