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Saggaf Eye Center is a great history of giving and professionalism in the medicine field and ophthalmology. It has been established for nearly 30 years as a humanitarian and medical mission which aims at achieving its unique motto, ” A vision for life”

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Saggaf Eye Center is a great history of giving and professionalism in the medicine field and ophthalmology. It has been established for nearly 30 years as a humanitarian and medical mission which aims at achieving its unique motto, " A vision for life”

It seeks to provide a distinguished medical care in the field of medicine and ophthalmology in a way that contributes to achieving a high level of medical care in terms of professional medical performance, satisfying patients and meeting their aspirations

As a successful administration, our aim is planning and carrying out the necessary activities for continual evolution and improving the quality management system

Attracting qualified medical personnel who have a great qualifications and marvelous scientific expertise

To closely follow up the technological and scientific developments and include them in the service process; therefore, this will continuously increase the quality of health care services

Providing a safe work environment so that our employees and patients can truly trust us. Meeting their needs and demands at highest levels is our major goal

Supporting our employees by enhancing their abilities, contributing in improving their experience and making sure that they are doing an effective effort in the developing process

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There are many successful people who have dedicated their efforts in this life and sought to achieve a humanitarian mission which certifies their success. Definitely, the most prominent of these characters is Dr. Ali Mohsen Alsaggaf.


Dr. Ali grew in a family with its own great history in various religious, scientific and cultural fields. Therefore, his personality formed a scientific path which has a huge influence in reality. The doctor received his first education until high school at Althagher school, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, where he was known for his academic excellence and achieving the first places in the whole kingdom. Furthermore, he had great aspirations which he had always been dreaming of achieving them his entire life

How great is the human's journey to begin as he had hoped! On that was the beginning of Dr. Ali Alsaggaf, the young man who aspired to start his medical career. At that time, he was sent to Egypt. He began his studies at Faculty of Medicine at Cairo University. His beginning at college was his great start to his humanitarian mission

which hid many future ambitions? He set a good example for his superiority. His Bachelor's degree and position as a professor in Ophthalmology Department at Faculty of Medicine, at king Abdulaziz university, were a proof to his superiority and perseverance. Then he was sent to University of Maryland, in London, to complete his diploma in the Ophthalmology Department. After he finished his studies, he returned to Saudi Arabia, where he worked in many private and public hospitals until the matter settled on the opening of Saggaf Eye Center in Jeddah

His Qualifications Obtained in the Field of Medicine Can Be Summarized as follows

Bachelor in Ophthalmology in Cairo

Edinburgh Royal Fellowship of Surgeons Ophthalmology

Diploma in Ophthalmology at the University of London

Certificate of Fellowship in Corneal and Ophthalmic surgery from Khalid Eye Specialist Hospital

Consultant Physician at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital

Head of the Emergency Department at King Khaled Eye Specialist Hospital in Riyadh

Assistant Professor at Ophthalmology Department at King Saud University

Supervising the establishment of the Ophthalmology Department at King Abdulaziz Hospital where he worked as a consultant and head of Ophthalmology Department

Consultant Ophthalmologist at Eye Hospital in Jeddah

Member of The Saudi Board of Ophthalmology

Former member of the scientific council of the Saudi Ophthalmology Fellowship Program

Establishment of Saggaf Eye Centers for Ophthalmology and One Day Surgery in 1414 corresponding to 1990

Saudi Association Reward for the first Member of the Saudi Association in Ophthalmology

Obtaining a Volunteer Reward from Ibsar Association

An Award of General Doctor at Sulaiman Ghassan Fakih Hospital

Appreciation Certificate from the Minister of Higher Education ( Ghazi Al-qusaibi and Khaled Ibn Mohammed Al-Anqari)

Obtaining a Prize from the Language Institute in Egypt for Arabizing medicine

He held an award for the Book of Eyes in Arabic Language

An Award from Faculty of Medicine at Aden University

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Working Hours

Alfayha Branch

Saturday – Thursday: : From 8:00 AM / 9:00 PM

Al-Waziriya Branch

Saturday – Thursday : From 9:30 AM / 12:30 PM – From 5:00 PM / 10:00 PM

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A Vision For Life

Saggaf Eye Centers aims to provide the best services and build a strong and long-term relationship with our success partners.

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Saggaf Eye centers are visited by many different nationalities, Arab and foreign, due to the good reputation and Trust